Make Dance a Daily Habit

Participate in the Dance Vision 21 Day Journey 

To Discover a New "Dancing" You in 2022

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What to Expect

Join us this January in following a 3-week plan, with recommended Dance Vision videos, journal prompts, healthy recipes, and reflection questions. This framework was created to nurture your body, mind, and soul, all-the-while, building your dancing habit.

Week 1 - Learn how to properly prepare the body for dancing with daily videos, nutritional recipes & journal prompts

Week 2 - Discover more about each ballroom dance style with comprehensive breakdown videos & bonus classes

Week 3 - Challenge yourself with solo choreography from each style and finish your journey with integrative reflection questions


What You'll Need

You only need 3 things to participate in this journey (there is no added cost!):
1. You
2. Your Dance Vision Membership
3. Our downloadable, 21 Day Journey Workbook

Our team and fellow members will take part in this journey alongside you. Plus, we’ll be reminding you of what’s coming each week through email and social media, to help you stay on track, motivated, and supported.

Discover a new "dancing" you in 2022

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